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I couldn’t help but ask myself, what exactly is SAVE?
SAVE is an organization that encourages adolescents to learn where they are safe in their schools and communities, gun safety, responsibility in crime reporting, and why it is important to have laws and rules. SAVE stands for “Students Against Violence Everywhere”. 
Youth violence includes various behaviors. Some violent acts such as bullying, or hitting can cause more emotional harm than physical harm. Others, such as assault can lead to serious injury or even death. So what makes this organization stand out from the other MILLIONS that exist in hopes of ending violence within adolescents? As I explored their website I came across their recognitions, support and even sponsors.

Making A Difference

Everyday more and more violence is being used as a resource to solving problems within adolescents. The organization SAVE was created by a student after the tragic death of a classmate who was trying to break up a fight at an off-campus party. You can learn more about it in their website.
How will SAVE help adolescents or anyone around the communities? After doing some research I found key information. SAVE responds to the challenges that face communities in helping their kids gain the skills, experience and confidence they need to face life, manage conflicts peacefully and become productive contributors for a successful  future. Their mission is to decrease the potential for violence in schools and communities by promoting meaningful student involvement, education and community service to provide safer environments for learning.


As I was starting to create my blog, I received a text message that changed the way I look at life forever… What is the most impacting is that the topic that I am researching about has just become reality. A former classmate of mine, Christian Aguilar, has gone missing. Another classmate of mine, Pedro Bravo, had beaten him until Christian was left unconscious, bloody and barely breathing. The altercation was due to jealousy over a girl, Erika Friman. She also attended high school with us and the most horrifying part is that they were best friends.
Right now, I feel as if I was in a horror movie. Pedro has been charged with first degree murder. Officials argued that despite the fact that Christian’s body has not been found, enough time has passed to presume his death. Christian’s father, Carlos Aguilar, has asked the FBI to cooperate in the search for his son and the request was granted. 
Today, is the 12th day after his disappearance and still, no signs of Christian’s body. These have been the longest 12 days of my life. Waiting for a phone call from Christian’s close friends or updates from the police is like waiting for rain in a drought.
So next time you’re obligated to attend a violence presentation at school, don’t complain or be happy that you’re skipping class. Listen to what those people have to say because you never know if someday, you’ll have the opportunity to save a life.
Here is an article regarding Christian Aguilar’s disappearance:
Christian was last seen on Thursday, September 20, 2012. The search team hasn’t given up and have said that they will not stop until he has been found. 
You may be asking yourself… HOW CAN I HELP?
You can do so by spreading the word on any social networking site and use the hashtag #helpfindchris or you can contact the GDP Criminal Investigations Division at 393-7604 if you have any information regarding Christian’s disappearance.

New Beginnings

As I was looking around the site of the organization, I couldn’t help but wonder who exactly will SAVE be able to help. How? When? Where? WHY?
SAVE serves in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and community organizations for adolescents in 48 states and several foreign countries. The diverse members represent all races, ages, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations.
“SAVE Chapter Breakdown”
# of Chapters
# of Students
Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
These statistics were taken from and can be viewed in:

Loss For Words

 As I was researching I stumbled upon this video:
Can it happen to anyone? YES, maybe for being at the wrong place at the wrong time or just because of someone else’s build up of anger.
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Everything Helps

It’s never too late to help. SAVE chapters are student-initiated and student-run with the help of adult advisors.


  • Engages students in meaningful violence prevention efforts within their school and community.
  • Empowers youth with knowledge and skills necessary to provide service to their community and school.
  • Encourages positive peer influences within the school and community through violence prevention courses.
  • Educates students about the effects and consequences of violence as well as safe activities for students, parents, and their community.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE. For more information visit:

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